Mark O’Brien

Consultant & Venture Capitalist



I’ve managed digital marketing for 500+ companies and want to help grow your business next with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO. I come with a full-stack ads team for 3-4x less than what you’d pay to do it in-house.

Email your website and monthly ad spend budget. I will create your custom marketing plan and schedule a call to review the proposal.

Mark O’Brien has worked with over 500 clients as a digital marketing consultant, taught over 500,000 students in his online courses, operated eCommerce stores with 1,000+ product SKUs, invested in 40+ startups and 10,000+ apartment units, and scaled/exited three startups as the founder.

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Currently seeking: Secondary shares in pre-IPO startups, businesses looking to sell ($500K+ profit), 100+ lot mobile home parks, and 200+ unit apartments.


First Backer Venture Partners

I started investing in 2015 and now have over 40 venture capital investments.

I invest in seed to secondary rounds of high-demand companies.