The Investor Peer Network

1BVP is the premier membership network for investors. The 1BVP experience centers around growing and preserving wealth for investors via monthly local chapter meet-ups with peers in your city. We are dedicated to helping members build the best portfolio of investments and enhance their personal lives by leveraging the collective wisdom in our 1BVP community.

Who We Are

Mark O’Brien grew his business for 3-years in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. While he enjoyed his time with the group, scaled his business, and learned a ton, he founded 1BVP to create a peer group to focus on wealth growth and preservation.

1BVP stands for First Backer Venture Partners: a worldwide network of investors collaborating and learning with their peers, sharing deal flow, and growing their wealth together!

Mark O’Brien is a serial entrepreneur that has scaled and sold various businesses, both as an executive team member and an investor. His specialization is helping founders with paid customer acquisition and growth hacking (he is the creator of the largest Facebook marketing course online, Coursenvy.com).

Mark O’Brien’s main portfolio focus is real estate syndicates, cryptocurrency, and startup angel investing. His angel investment portfolio includes:

1bvp investments


1BVP is a local group of investors that help peers achieve their full potential with investing and in their personal life through life-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learning.

Why Now

A demand for in-person learning, camaraderie, and accountability in our “remote” world. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with! While we all have our various friend groups, I’ve found that an entrepreneur/investor friend group is key for time to talk shop, self-improvement, share investment ideas, goal setting, and much more. Our 1BVP monthly local chapter meet-ups enable peer learning, social events, and shared experiences.

Membership Includes

  • Monthly local chapter meet-ups for investment discussions and goal accountability
  • Annual subscriptions to investor-related partners, software, newsletters, magazines, and more
  • Monthly speakers/Q&A
  • Access to our private Discord channel (worldwide member forum)
  • Access to our WhatsApp group chat (local chapter group chat)
  • Invites to optional activities like sporting events, entertainment, charity/volunteer activities, ski trips, cross-chapter meet-ups, etc.
  • Annual conferences

Monthly Local Chapter Meet-Up Agenda

  • Intro: Team building and group bonding activities. — 15 minutes
  • Rose, Thorn, Bud: Share personal and investing/business successes (rose), challenges (thorn), and new ideas (bud). Equal group feedback time for each member to solve current challenges (including questions, experience sharing, and advice). — 60 minutes
  • Accountability Goals: Set/track personal and investing/business goals and KPIs. The group will hold you accountable and help you set S.M.A.R.T. goals. — 30 minutes
  • Show & Tell: One member teaches the group an investing strategy, shares a book/podcast summary, or upskills the group via an investment topic deep dive. — 15 minutes
  • Portfolio Pitch: Share/review portfolios and discuss current deal flow in startups, stocks, crypto, real estate, and more. — 45 minutes
  • Outro: Schedule future meetings, event planning, and debrief. – 15 minutes

Join the Community

We match you with like-minded peers in your city! Our growing global community gives you a personal network wherever you want. Membership is limited to 10 members per chapter to ensure high-quality groups and the most value for members. Please see the 1BVP Membership required criteria:

— Successful investor in your niche
— Willingness to learn & share
— Commitment to attend monthly local meet-ups

Follow us: Twitter.com/1BVPcom

Questions: info@1bvp.com