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Our AI tool analyzes millions of building permits, ratings, metrics, and contractor reviews to find only the top 1% of home service providers for your next job. No matter the type of pro you need, our AI will source the best for you!

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Save your time! Let us source the 1% Best Vetted Pros for you. 1BVP.com is like a background check for homebuilders, remodelers, contractors, flooring installation, roofers, pest control, home window tinting, plumbers, appliance repair, radon testing, HVAC, concrete repair, “insert your home service contractor of choice“.

It is hard to find great, certified, and available contractors. Our AI finds who is available locally, who has 5-star ratings/reviews, who’s passing inspections, and who’s done timely cost-effective work… then we introduce you to them. Contact us with any further questions!

Who Are We?

Since 2010, our founder Mark O’Brien has worked with over 500 home service clients via his digital marketing agency. He created artificial intelligence agents that scour the internet to gather all the building permits, BBB ratings, contractor reviews, and about a dozen other metrics to identify the top 1% of home service providers in an area.

Simply submit your home service job details at the top of this page and our 1% Best Vetted Pros AI tool will source the best contractor for your next project for FREE!