AngelList as a Service

We build your venture capital portfolio deal-by-deal alongside notable lead investors on AngelList.

How It Works

I analyze startups’ pre-seed to secondary round deal flow daily on and personally have over 40 venture capital investments on the platform with a 33% IRR, 3x multiple, and 4 exits.

I will manage your annual AngelList venture capital allocation for you. AngelList Syndicates enable unprecedented access to premium deal flow (e.g. Brex, Figure, PillPack, Cruise, Lyft, SpaceX, Postmates) while investing with leads whose incentives are aligned with yours (leads collect a 20% carry only).

Think of me as a remote investment manager on your team responsible for AngelList deal flow.

AngelList as a Service


  • How much do you invest per AngelList deal? You set the terms. The most common investment amount per deal is $5,000 to $25,000. For example, a family office provides us with a $150,000 annual allocation for AngelList and sets our investment amount at $5,000 per deal for ~30 annual deals.
  • How much deal flow do you analyze? I perform due diligence for every startup raising funds on AngelList. I average 25 deals analyzed for each investment made. There are on average 200 startups raising capital via AngelList per month.
  • How will you make AngelList investments on my behalf? You will create an AngelList investment account at You will then link an ACH Bank Account funded with your AngelList Annual Allocation (via your Funding Accounts page). Finally, you will add our custom email address as the “Primary email” via your Account Settings > Emails page.
  • What kind of startups do you invest in for us? I have invested in pre-seed to secondary rounds, but focus on high-growth Seed investments (50% of my portfolio) and Series A investments (25% of my portfolio). I can invest in a diversified basket of startups as I personally do or I can focus on investing in your specified sectors/rounds only.
  • Are you an RIA/ERA? No. Think of me as a remote investment manager on your team responsible for AngelList deal flow (who works under an independent contractor agreement).
  • Where can we learn more about you? Check out the home page Email me to schedule a call.
  • Why wouldn’t I just invest in the AngelList Access Fund? That is a great option, however, many investors want to invest in certain sectors only which is not possible in the AngelList Access Fund. Also, the AngelList Access Fund requires a $250,000/year investment and charges a management fee on top of carry. Finally, my personal AngelList investments are outperforming the AngelList Access Fund IRR.
  • Can I see your personal AngelList investments? Yes, at
  • What is your onboarding process? Click the “Get Started” button above to contact me. I will email you our custom account manager email to add to your AngelList Account Settings > Emails page, so we can invest directly via your AngelList account. AngelList manages all distributions, tax returns, and K-1s for the lifetime of your investment.